September 18

A Guide to Buying Flame Resistant (FRC) Clothing

What Safety Standards Are Needed For Clothing to be Considered Flame Resistant?

One of the most common safety standards you will need to meet when you are out in the field is National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 2112 standard which defines the criteria for the design, construction, evaluation and certification of flame-resistant garments for use by industrial personnel.
If you are working around or on electrical equipment them you might need to get some flame resistant clothing that adheres to NFPA 70E (electrical arc flashes). NFPA bases the amount of protection based on the Hazard Risk Category (HRC) Level. An HRC Level 1 requires the most minimal protection, basically a single layer of flame resistance protection. While a HRC Level of 4 would require multiple layers of protection.

Which Material Should I Buy My FRC’s in?

There are several types of fabrics that you can buy your frc’s in. Some of the flame resistance clothing is made of 100% cotton,  while others FRC’s are made from Nomex (which is made by DuPont). Nomex is generally a little more expansive but will usually last longer so it makes the best flame resistant clothing if you have to wash your safety equipment often.

Should I Buy a Jumper or Shirt and Pants?

This comes down to preference. Though if you have to go to the bathroom a jumper may cause more of a problem. The jumpers are generally cheaper than the shirt and pants combo, though if part of the jumper becomes damaged you will need to replace the whole jumper.

How to size my flame resistant clothing

This will depend on where you work predominantly at. Sometimes you may want a set that is slightly larger to put on some thermal underwear. If you work further north you might want some large enough to put a jacket on underneath. You should also check to make sure the FRC’s are not oversized as already. I also recommend looking for pre-shrunk clothing.

If you work in the south where it is generally hot and humid you will not need to make room for the extra clothes since you are likely to be wearing shorts under the jumper.

Where to Buy the Best and Cheapest Flame Resistant Clothing?

If you are looking to buy cheap flame resistant clothing I have a like below to some of the ones I found on Amazon. I tried to go through the results to pull out only the best flame resistant clothing choices


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